thrifted treasures: wedding season


Weddings are expensive. For the newlyweds, obviously, but for the guests too. Lots of planning--and dollars--go into attending a wedding. There are the travel expenses, the gift, and the (also very important) look for the night. There isn't any way of getting around the first two, but as far as your outfit, there are ways of beating a triple-digit price tag.

When I got invited to the wedding of one of my lifelong friends back home, I couldn't wait to see everyone but I also couldn't wait to piece together my get-up. I hate to admit it, but I initially turned to Nordstrom. I found [what looked like] an awesome dress for only $40. When I received it in the mail, I was so disappointed with the quality and the poor fit. At this point, I had less than a week til my flight back to New York. So I thought when in doubt hit the thrift shop. And that's what I did.

The thrift shop we found is called Granny Takes A Trip and is strangely inside of a mall, which doesn't seem fitting. I was judgmental and my expectations were low but once we got inside, I was really blown away. Such a hidden gem. The dress selection was minimal, so I didn't think to look through them at first. I scored two pairs of awesome denim shorts, so I was fine with just ruling it as a Levi's stop. But, then I figured I might as well check 'em out because you never know.

I sifted through the rack, which was cluttered with an eclectic collection of frocks, kaftans, and sundresses. Nothing tickled my fancy. I was on the verge of dismissing it as a lost cause but just before I walked away, a chiffon maxi with long-sleeves and a floral pattern straight from the 60s caught my eye. It was huge and I'd certainly need a belt with it as to avoid drowning, but I gave it a shot.


There was no price tag... minor red flag. The sales associate had to send a picture to her boss, which made me more skeptical-- seemed like a whole lotta of trouble for a little dress. I figured it'd be expensive and not worth the inconvenience I was putting them through. I was wrong. It was $22. Only twenty-two dollars. I was in disbelief... the deal was sealed.

I already had an idea of which accessories I wanted to wear based on what I had planned for my last dress. To my pleasure, they paired perfectly with this one, too. My dates for the night were bold clip-on gold earrings (as seen below), which I found at a shop in SLC for $12, my tooled leather clutch (as seen here), and this "look at me" chunky yellow leather belt courtesy of Kami's closet. It all came together for under $100. I felt fabulous, especially knowing how little I spent.


You don't need to splurge to make a statement. Quite the opposite, really. It just requires a little patience and some optimism to be a vision in vintage.